The Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle (H2H series)

As I was sitting in the car this morning before my friend started the sport race, a short hipster dude walked by in some fresh Adidas sunglasses. Looked a lot like team mate Matt Miller. As we awkwardly made eye contact I convinced myself that there is no way that it’s Matt. He was racing in Canada less than 24 hours ago. Sure enough, it was Matt who decided to drive straight through and miraculously made it to another bike race this weekend. We hit a pre lap on the Rumble in the Jungle’s gnarly course that had a resemblance to bear creek minus the climbs.

“Fueled by Gummy Bears, Forrest races his Anthem X Advanced to 3rd in the pro men at H2H Rumble in the Jungle”

After I fueled up with a handful of gummy bears and a Raw Revolution bar, we headed to the start line; Matt in the middle somewhere and I on the front. I was second into the one track behind some guy who was getting real squirrelly. I think he needed some Giant Maestro suspension. Fortunately I got around him with one other guy who got by and hit it pretty hard creating about 30 or so seconds on the first lap. We got to an intersection went what seemed to be the obvious choice and… Wrong. We finally found where the course had gone just in time for everyone to catch us. Then we cruised over the rocks trying to keep it smooth and get away again. One other guy came with us this time. I was conserving a lot of energy by carving corners with my Schwalbe Racing Ralphs while ahead and behind were squealing breaks. After a big attack and some silly mistakes on the last lap I ended up 3rd in the Pro race. Matt rode his Anthem X 29er to 6th. Not too shabby for right after a 12 hour drive and a UCI race the day prior.

The Schwalbe Racing Ralphs hooking up

As everyone around was complaining about their backs, their arms, and their butts following the finish, the Giant midatlantic crew was comfortable due to our ESI chunky grips, four inches of maestro suspension, and the dynamic duo of Selle San Marco Concors and Enzo’s Buttonhole chamois cream.
Look out for Matt Miller at the legendary, Stan’s NoTubes Transylvania Epic starting on sunday. A week long stage race through some of the most epic trails in Pennsylvania… Maybe the world! Seamus will go to the second round of the Canada Cup for some more UCI madness.
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