Why Liv?

Liv mtb

Our Liv Ambassadors come to Giant Northeast after many years of riding and racing. Clearly for our first season, the results speak for themselves. We asked them what about think/love about Liv and the bikes and how helped them step up this season?

Abbey: Liv bikes are women’s specific, every aspect of a Liv bike was build specially for women, and are bad ass race bikes that you see raced at World Cup and World Championships. I am 5’3 tall, so finding a bike that fits me and is also be a great race bike has alway been a challenge. Liv Lust is the first bike I have ridden that has fit me without me having to do weird things to, like put a severely negative stem on. The bike fits me like a glove. My skills have improved through the roof on this bike. The Maestro suspicion system and the 27.5 inch wheels makes this bike easy to ride and easy to maneuver.

Wendi: I was racing a 26er hardtail for several years and a 29er fs for 6 months. Though they both had great qualities, the Liv Lust 27.5 just fits me right. It’s agility, cornering, climbing and how it flows through rock gardens just makes it suitable for my riding style.

April: I love the Liv Ambassadors, especially Sherry down at the Bike Shop of Bel Air! The Liv Ambassadors put together some really great programming.

Jessica: LIV bikes are made for women by women. The 3F philosophy- fit, form, and function- truly does apply to LIV bikes. Everything about the bike from the geometry, the components, to the color is developed with women in mind. LIV knows how women ride and why women ride and has developed bikes made just for them. My Lust Advanced 0 makes every ride fun all the while it gives me the confidence I need to try new things and helps me push the limits of what I thought was possible. And I also have to mention it is one beautiful looking bike!