From our beginnings in 2010 as the Giant Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Team, our organization has grown through the years, evolving with the sport of mountain biking. What started as a mostly XC oriented program now includes, and embraces, the likes of downhill racing and enduro. This diversity reflects our team’s philosophy and personality, one that molds to the times and seeks out adventure.

Traditionally operating as a regional professional team, the newly named Giant Northeast Off-Road Team now includes a grassroots racing program, giving amateur level riders the opportunity to become ambassadors to the Giant Bicycles brand and to share their individual Ride Life philosophies. It is these individual philosophies, along with the spirit of the northeast’s off-road cycling scene, which combine to create our team’s Ride Life, a life we look forward to sharing on and off the bike in 2014 and beyond.

Ride Life. Ride Giant.

Giant Northeast Off-Road Team 2014

In their own words

april-nWhat Ride Life means to Giant Northeast Off-Road Grassroots Team member April Nabholz:

Ride Life is waking up in the morning and thinking “I want to ride my bike.” Ride Life is standing up on the pedals and attacking a hill. Ride Life is spending time with friends and embracing new challenges. It’s teaching my two-year-old nephew how to balance on his bicycle, and it’s going on a leisurely evening ride with my husband. Ride Life is digging deep in a race and pushing through the pain. Ride Life is an attitude and a lifestyle.

When I’m nervous before a race, my husband says “April: just ride it,” and I calm down. Ride Life means the same thing to me, and it applies across life. Watch where you’re going. Put in effort where it counts. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to improvise. Commit to your line. Have fun on the swoopy sections. Take time to enjoy the scenery, but don’t fall asleep. Always breathe deep. Ride Life.