New Year, New Faces, New Energy

Though it’s been a few weeks since you heard from us, the team has been busy in preparations for 2015. To be honest we’re still on the high from the 2014 season. New teammates with our grassroots riders brought depth to the team and along the way a few solid results: NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS *Seamus Powell – Super D National Champion …

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Is it hot in here…or is it just me?

Mug Shot Black And White

Things are getting hot. Its officially summer now. “oh the heat!!” Feels like not long ago we were complaining about the cold. I barley complain about the weather. We live in the north east. “If ya don’t like the weather now… wait 15 min”… is what it is. That’s my perspective on that. Enough said… Races have been going as planned. Learning and turning. …

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