Sram Spotlight: Joël Nankman

Sram Spotlight: Rider Profile brought to you by Sram

Meet our grassroots riders, Joël Nankman!

wheel building

Hometown: Paramaribo Suriname

Currently Living In: Hellertown, PA

Number of Years Racing:
Swam competitively for 4 years, Kayaked for 2, and have been racing bikes for 9 years.

Race Bike Setup:
Anthem Advanced  27.5 with 120mm Rock Shox Sid fork, Sram X0 10 speed gripshifter with a mix of Sram X0 and X9 parts,  and Giant P-TRX wheelset.

Riding Strength: Rocky gnarly terrain just because I love it.

Favorite Race Course:
That is tough, each race has its own flair. But I would say Rattling Offroad Weekend in Elizabethville, PA if I had to pick one.

Favorite Place to Ride:
Southmountain Lehigh only 15 minute bike ride from home. As far as going to places to ride I would say Tussey Mountain and surrounding trails.

What is Your “Ride Life”?
Sharing my passion with others, and hopefully through cycling making a change in their life for the better.

What do you want to be if you grow up?
I enjoy working in the bike industry. Maybe I will end up working for a larger bike company like Giant. Not that that necessarily requires growing up.

Any advice for young riders?
Smiles are contagious, smile and people around you will smile. Be happy and enjoy life you only get one to live.

Best part about racing mountain bikes?
Doing wheelies and getting pictures of them.


Drink of Choice:
Rhum, proper or on the rocks at home, and with coke when out and about.

Most Played Song: Lutan Fyah “Love Is A Smile”

Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs

Clifford the super trail dog (lab mix rescue), Sniper the fat cat because he steals Clifford’s food, and some dopey goldfish.

Your best cycling hack/tip?
If the sleeves on your jackets and long sleeve jerseys are always too short, get some wrist sweatbands they work like a charm.

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