Sram Spotlight: April Nabholz

Sram Spotlight: Rider Profile brought to you by Sram

Meet one of our grassroots riders, April Nabholz!


Hometown: Felton, Pennsylvania.

Currently Living In: Felton, Pennsylvania–I couldn’t stay away.

Number of Years Racing: Two.

Number of Years Racing Pro: One week!

Race Bike Setup
XC MTB: Liv/giant Lust 1 stock set-up; wheels set up with Stan’s NoTubes. Cyclocross: Liv Brava 2 frame set up with a Liv/giant Brava 0 fork, SRAM Red components, and SRAM hydraulic disc brakes.

Riding Strength: Climbing and short, punchy accelerations.

Favorite Race Course
MTB: I really enjoyed the course at the Fair Hill Classic this year. CX: I have a soft spot for the Ed Sander Memorial venue because it’s held at a lily pad farm and there’s always some fun terrain.

Favorite Place to Ride
I like riding with my husband and his family around his hometown in Southern Oregon (as long as we have enough food and water). You can ride uphill for hours.

What is your “Ride Life”?
Ride for fun, health, sanity, and polar bears.

What do you want to be if you grow up?
I really look forward to being a parent at some point. I’d also like to be a better citizen. I’m not trying to be cheesy.

Any advice for young riders?
For any rider, including myself. Keep perspective. It’s easy to become so immersed that the rest of life disappears. But there’s a whole, living planet. Ride your bike, but try to stay connected.

Best part about racing mountain bikes? All kinds of people do it.


Favorite Food: Sweet potatoes.

What’s your perfect date?
My first date with Andy was pretty perfect — he took me mountain biking on the back of his his Burley MTB tandem.

What was your first car?
I began cycling because I didn’t want a car. After a summer commuting 20 hilly miles to work each day on my Mom’s 1971 Motobecane I got a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300D, which my Dad and I promptly converted into a grease car. It lived with me in NC, VT, OR, and TN. Now Andy drives it to work.

I have a Belgian draft mule named Honeychild. We also have two colonies of honeybees and several bins of worms.

Your best cycling hack/tip?
Pack extra food, if not for you, for somebody else.

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