Shiftin’ Gears for 2014

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New time bikes had a lot of chill time

New team bikes had a lot of chill time

A Northeast winter can mean many different things to a cyclist. For some it is a time to rest, and others a time to race. Some like to train indoors while others are drawn to the benefits of a waist deep wilderness. Whether a cold snowy winter is fun or a drag, there inevitably comes a point in the season where the thought of placing rubber to dirt seems all too elusive, and you know it won’t be long.

But racing season is finally upon us! And with that, we are shifting gears for an exciting 2014 with some big changes. We are still the quirky, loveable and professional team we have always been, and always will be. However, we have started building a much larger community and gaining riders from different regions. So without further ado….

Giant Northeast Off-Road Team

Ta-da! That’s right, we’ve changed our name!  To better represent the area and region that our riders cover we felt the ‘Northeast’ name would better suit us. We now have riders from the New England area down through Virginia and wanted to represent all of them. Can’t leave anyone hangin’.

New Pro Team rider David Flaten enjoying a rare warm February race day.

New Pro Team rider David Flaten enjoying a rare warm February race day.

Grassroots Team

The name change to Giant Northeast Off-Road Team also came about because of another addition. To build and expand upon the success of the team the past 4 years, we’ve decided to introduce a Grassroots program. These riders of the Giant Northeast Off-Road Grassroots Team are by no means amateurs, but are model ambassadors to the Giant Bicycles brand and Ride Life philosophy. The team is just as diverse as the northeast off-road cycling scene, and creates a unique Ride Life that anyone on two wheels can enjoy.

New Shinier, Giant'er, and  now in 27.5!

New Shinier, Giant’er, and now in 27.5!

New Website & Blog Combo

To bring everything together, we created this new site and blog that are combined into one. Not only does it make our lives easier, but we also wanted a way to bring that larger sense of the Ride Life community into our virtual world to share it all with you. So you can see our Pro Team and Grassroots Team rosters at all times, see what the team members are discussing on the Forums, and have easy access to our Blog without ever leaving the site.

On the blog this season, we hope to provide you with a larger variety of posts to keep you entertained and educated. Right now we are thinking these will include weekly race reports, product reviews, rider interviews, quick tips, monthly highlights on community events and some nonsense from our very own National Champion Seamus Powell. This could always change up, and new things can always be added. So let us know what you enjoy or would like to see more of in the comments. Or feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Maybe we could add in a post to answer readers’ questions! This blog is for you. So take advantage of it and be a part of it.

We have some offline plans in the works for you to get involved in as well this season. A couple are still in the very early planning stages, so we don’t want to spill the beans on those until we can get them further along.

When the snow goes away, the riders will play!

When the snow goes away, the riders will play!

But let’s talk about what you can start doing NOW! Our Grassroots Team riders are partnering up with their local bike shops and hosting weekly rides that you can be a part of! We will be setting up another page on the site soon with the addresses of the shops participating so you can find the one closest to you. Hopefully, these will become a great resource for you to tap into. Not only just to ride, but get to know your own local / awesome bike shop and get to know some of our Grassroots Team riders personally so you can start to build your own Ride Life.

Overall, with all these changes, additions, larger community and you, we hope to make this 2014 season the best season for Giant Northeast Off-Road Team yet! And you get to be a part of it through the whole journey. So cheers! And let’s tell winter it’s no longer welcome so we can get these wheels rolling!



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