Set it and Forget it

The chain goes where?

The chain goes where?

So bike set up… I’ll be totally honest with you, I am no expert on “dialing” my bike in. I bet I wouldn’t even know what a dialed bike feels like… would you?.. maybe you have at some point where your tire pressure and suspension were just right and your bike stuck to the ground like Velcro. But the other 99% of the time you might not know the difference. Here’s some Intel on what my set up is like. I’m going to stick with the two features of the bike that keep you securely to the ground for now. Tire pressure and suspension. I’d like to think I’m a middle of the road kind of guy. So I set my bike up that way…haha… Tire pressure set to the goldilocks standard not too hard, not too soft… but “Just right” somewhere around the 25-28 PSI range. Which I tend to lean on the side of more pressure and sacrifice comfort for a little more flat protection (depending on tracks and conditions). And when I have no pump with a valid gauge I go by feel. And this is almost all the time!!

Suspension is another animal. I set the air to the recommended setting 20-25% Sag. Dial the rebound and compression dead center front and rear, ride the track where ever I’m at and make VERY VERY small  changes from there. The RockShox suspension we are using is very sensitive and reacts well to the changes in rebound and compression tuning. I’ve seen people start cranking on knobs, one way, then the other way and  they are like “Dude my fork is blown!!” (Bless my brother Ian).  Don’t be that guy/gal stressing over the bike. Set it in the middle of the road and go with it. I learn a standard set up and how that feels and then make changes. You’ll start to recognize and feel these changes and work toward the “AHHHHH” moment of the “dialed bike”. The more you tinker the less your enjoying the ride. I barely change my stuff up when racing on the east coast I leave the setting as they are and don’t think much about it. The terrain will be very similar where ever you go. Roots and rocks. So that tends to make life easy for us. That’s how I roll with my bike set up. Nothing special. Set it and Forget it.

And Sadhbh “sive” Lavery… No I will not put my phone number on the blog…

Happy Trails ~Powell

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