This past weekend I turned south and went to Richmond, VA for the Dominion Riverrock event.  If you love adventure and outdoors, this is an event you have to check out!  Rock climbing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, slacklining, dogs jumping into water, people on bikes jumping on ramps, trail running, mountain bike ‘rassin and more!

The dogs were getting some siiiick air!

The course they set up for the race was top-notch.  Flowing, fast, fun singletrack was the name of the game here.  I was even more stoked to race after I pre-rode than before, and I was pretty durn stoked before!  Some of my favorite portions of the course were the man-made rock-gardens.  They reminded me of Olympic and World Cup courses, but not as steep and big.After a nice pre-ride, I cleaned up and hit a local english pub for some bangers & mash, followed by a stroll back down to the event to catch a little bit of live music and bouldering.  There’s always something going on at this event!


Race day started with some sleeping in, followed by some packing and eating.  Once everything was back in the car, it was time to head to the race and get serious.  During my warm up, I caught up with some of Harrisonburg’s finest:  Ryan Fawley & Nick Waite.  After some spinning and chatting, we lined up for the show, and with a short count-down by the announcer we were off and riding!A decent start was made not-so-great thanks to a rider getting too aggressive and knocking into me around a corner.  Party Foul!  Unable to get back around, I decided to constantly badger him once in the singletrack while he assisted in my losing major time to the leaders.  Eventually, karma kicked in and he slid out, gears jammed, and I passed with a slight grin on my face.  Am I evil?  For the rest of the race, I continued to dodge, duck, dive, and dodge through the awesome singletrack, finishing in 4th overall.After clean-up, I got lost again in the festivities.  While lost, I found  some awesome fish tacos and a cheeseburger.  I finally found my award and prize money, as well as my sanity (temporarily) and caught some jumping dogs and people (on bikes) before packing it in and heading back home to B’more.YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS EVENT OUT!!!!  Go to www.dominionriverrock.com, then leave a comment telling me that I’m right.Cheers & Jeers,Jordan

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