Rider Profile: Seamus Powell

Sram Spotlight: Rider Profile brought to you by SramMeet one of our Pro Riders, Seamus Powell.

Photo courtesy of Brice Schirbach.

Photo courtesy of Brice Shirbach.

Hometown: Round Top, NY

Number of Years Racing: 10 years MTB, 2 Years BMX

Number of Years Racing Pro: 6 Years

Race Bike Setup:
Trance SX advanced, Rock Shox Pike 160mm Fork, xx1-x01 mix, Hans Damph Schwable tires.

Riding Strength:
As much as I dislike it sometimes, I feel I ride Chunky techy riding pretty well, whether it’s uphill, flat or downhill.

Favorite Race Course:
The old style Mount Snow national course for XC racing. That was the real deal and Killington for Enduro racing, riding there is pretty fun.

Favorite Place to Ride:
For convenience sake my home town of Round Top, NY. We have a good variety of trail. It’s all really fun to ride.

What is your “Ride Life”? Riding hard for a very long time with a great group of people.

Seamus Powell Riding

What do you want to be if you grow up?
I don’t think about it. I’m a NYS licensed massage therapist so probably something along those lines. Sports/Medical Massage or go back to college.

Any advice for young riders?
Keep it all in perspective. Have fun. Build a big jump.

Best part about racing mountain bikes?
Meeting new people and sharing racing and riding experiences.

Tight jeans or baggy:
Well my coach has had me doing a lot of squats this year. Everything seems to feel tight these days.

Boxers or briefs: preferably neither :)

What was your first car?
Clapped out Dodge mini Van. Seat belts didn’t work, bald tires, no back seats and a bumper sticker that read “Be a kid again, Drink Goats milk”…

My Black Lab named Gus. Anyone who follows me on Facebook or is a good friend needs no introduction to Gus. He is the best person in the world. Yes you read that right.

What’s your perfect date?
My perfect date… Hopefully a lady that rides… A quick wit, good humor and has all sorts of braaappp! Hey I can dream can’t I?


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