Rider Profile: Jonathan Lombardo

Sram Spotlight: Rider Profile brought to you by SramMeet one of our grassroots riders, Jonathan Lombardo

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Hometown: Cresskill New Jersey

Currently Living In: Green Township, New Jersey

Number of Years Racing: 8 years

Number of Years Racing Pro: 1 year

Race Bike Setup: Anthem 27.5 -Stans Crest wheels – Schwalbe Tires – XTR components
Custom Lego® guy mounting bracket.

Riding Strength
Power courses with short climbs because at 185 pounds sustained climbing is agonizing or rock technical courses and Cyclocross, the worse the conditions the more I enjoy it and the better I do.

Favorite Race Course
Williams Lake for the amazing scenery and the cave – Also the site of my first ever mountain bike race.

Favorite Place to Ride
I am fortunate to live between Allamuchy and Kittatinny State Park so I get to choose between the two, often I like Allamuchy better because it is larger and take my two Viszlas, Fonzie and Cassie, my two best training partners.

What is your “Ride Life”?
Peace and satisfaction I get from mountain biking and exploring and watching my four boys ride their bikes and develop as young riders.


What do you want to be if you grow up?
GROW UP?? That is not going to happen anytime soon, will let you know if I do.

Any advice for young riders?
Learn to be patient in their training and never forget why you started racing in the beginning-because you love riding a bike.

Best part about racing mountain bikes? Traveling and meeting new people and getting to ride amongst some amazing scenery in various parks, makes you really appreciate the outdoors that much more.

Favorite Food: Mexican DUH!!! How can you not love Mexican??

Tight jeans or baggy: Tried skinny jeans once, was a disaster, so definitely baggy.

Boxers or briefs: Neither…

What’s your perfect date? Quiet night (Sans kids) and dinner with my wife followed by a walk under the stars at Lake Mohawk in Sparta.

Cassie, my 7 year old Viszla and Fonzie, my 3 year old Viszla, amazing training partners, they have tireless energy and make every mountain bike ride a blast no matter how long the distance.

Jon’s four young boys are killing it on their bikes. They have a great teacher!

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