Rider Profile: Andy Brooks

Sram Spotlight: Rider Profile brought to you by SramMeet one of our Grassroots Riders, Andy Brooks

Andy at the Greenbrier Challenge in Boonsboro, MD

Andy at the Greenbrier Challenge in Boonsboro, MD

Hometown: Cave Junction, Oregon

Number of Years Racing: 22

Number of Years Racing Pro: Turned Pro in 2005 but took a 7 year hiatus while in school and moving east.

Race Bike Setup: GIANT XTC Advanced 27.5 1

Riding Strength: I feel pretty consistent all around, but I can usually ride a fast start.

Favorite Race Course: Oakridge Fat Tire Festival, Oregon

Favorite Place to Ride: Susquehanna State Park, MD

What is your “Ride Life”?
The timeless part of the day when I saddle-up and turn those pedals. Life becomes so simple and pleasant.

What do you want to be if you grow up?
I don’t see that happening.

Any advice for young riders?
Seize opportunity as it comes because it’s much harder to make a comeback.

Best part about racing mountain bikes?
The war stories after every race.

Andy just being... well... Andy.

Andy just being… well… Andy.

Drink of Choice: Any good oatmeal stout.

Boxers or Briefs: Neither–chamois 24/7!

Big spoon or little spoon: I find little spoon to be far more comfortable.

What was your best Halloween costume?
I was a toothbrush one year, maybe that was my worst…

Your best cycling tip?
Hyperventilate right before the start, works every time!

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