Race Report: Crossnado at Wawayanda State Park.

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We have a short race report this week — just one GNE racer was racing last weekend! Abbey was at the beach recuping from the Vuelta al Cotopaxi; David was settling into his new digs in Harrisonbug; April was in Asheville with her road bike; and the Nankmans were in Pittsburgh for a conference (exploring MTB trails in their spare moments). Though they may not have been racing, you can bet that GNE riders from Vermont to Virginia were digging out their winter riding gear and heading out for some fun weekend riding.

Crossnado (formerly Bubblecross) presented by Team Town Cycle and ProPower Endurance Sports Coaching. Hewitt, NJ.

Mountain bike season has been winding down for a while now, while the local cyclocross season is just entering its peak. Over in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, racer Mark Romanowski decided to take his Anthem MTB out for a little cyclocross fun at one of his favorite venues; Wawayanda State Park. As a Cat 1 mountain biker, Mike decided to jump into the Cat 3 Open field for his first taste of ‘cross. With roaring winds and near-freezing temperatures, Mike got a legitimate dose of ‘cross weather!


Mike’s report:

For whatever the reason might be I decided to take part in a cross race. Now I’ve never raced cross before and have actually been on a break from training, none the less I wanted to race. Crossnado took place at Wawayanda State park which I know very well. Well I know the mountain bike trails well that is. Crossnado couldn’t have been a better name for this race. With sustained winds around 20-25mph, temps in the 30s and who knows what the gusts were, I was still looking forward to racing cross for the first time. Now since I don’t have a cross bike, my Anthem was the weapon of choice. It worked out great in the small woods section and the massive sand section, but when we were in the long grass sections I knew it would be hard to keep up with the field.


As the race got under way we all fought for position through every turn back and fourth. But as we continued turn after turn and lap after lap, I eventually found myself in no man’s land and this was a bad place to be fighting the crazy winds. None the less I still finished and had a fun time at my first cross race. Perhaps the cross bug bit me…

We hope to see Mike out at some more ‘cross races in the future!


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