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Last weekend was another weekend of racing, or not so much racing for Giant Northeast. With the season still warming up and the seemingly endless rainy and snowy weather hanging around on the east coast this, it was a good chance for most of the team to sneak in some long training rides before the traveling and racing set in full swing. Some of our team, including Ryan Fawley and Jamie Yoder took to the trails despite a little rain and sleet. Others remained on the hamster wheel, pedaling furiously on their trainers.

Wet, cold? No problem for this happy bunch

Luckily Michael Romanowski and Wendi Sebastion from the Grassroots team made the trip out to Wading River, New York for the Brand’s Cycle Muddy Tire Mountain Bike Race. Here’s a recount of the trip from Michael Romanowski:

Wendi & I ventured out to race in Long Island for the 24 mile Brands Muddy Tire race on Saturday.  After pre-riding a couple trails the morning of the race, we knew the course was super fast, twisty and tight, with very little climbing. A change for us, as we’re used to riding lots of technical terrain with climbs.




As we lined up for staging, we were both a bit nervous for the sprint to the first corner.  I was mid-pack in the sprint through the first couple miles of single track…I backed off a bit at the start to make sure I didn’t push too hard and blow up in the first lap.  As the race continued and everyone started to spread out a bit, I settled into a fast, but comfortable pace. My Giant Anthem Advanced 1 felt great throughout the course. Cornering, climbing and acceleration all went so smooth…


With about a half a lap left, I was keeping close contact with another racer in my category.  As things were getting down to the wire, with about 3 miles remaining, I was able to put in a solid effort and surpass the rider in front for position. For my first Cat 1 race, I was more than happy taking 6th.


There were a few girls in Wendi’s cat 1 category and she saw right from the start that it was going to be a fast race. She was loving her Giant Advanced Lust 0, as it cornered awesome, was quick up the small climbs and had great acceleration. …After one lap, Wendi was only 1-2 minutes behind the leader and had a lap to go. Wendi was pretty much solo on her final 12 mile lap, passing occasional racers. It began to rain, and she lost some speed without rabbits close enough to chase her. But, she felt pretty good for her first race of the year. She ended up finishing in third, a few minutes behind the leaders, realized some things she needs to work on and she was happy with her result…


All in all, a good first race of the year for both of us.”


Stay tuned for a post recapping this current weekend’s fast, fun International Intergalactic Global Open Mountain BIke Team Realy Championship of the Multi-Friggin-Verse and the Adventures for the Cure Sugar Hill XC in Elkridge, MD.

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