Mont Tremblant Canada Cup- Part 1 of 3

Here we go again with more UCI racing action up in the Canada Land. The past three years that I have gone to theses races I always learn and improve a little bit. These races are every bit as fast as any Pro XCT that I have participated in. When your racing with the likes of the fastest Canadian riders like Raphael Gange, Matthew Hadley, Kris Sneddon, Peter Glassford to name just a few its going to be blistering. I managed to get 16th out of 70+ which isn’t to bad and Matt had a little bad luck with some rocks and had to go to the pits finishing in the 50’s. We left it all out there on the 850+ climbing per 4mile technical track. My legs still are burning when I stand out of a chair or walk stairs and Matt was cramping on the car ride home. That’s a good thing because racing that fast only means one thing…you get faster. Hopefully I improve this weekend in Canada Cup Part 2: Baie ST. Paul!! I do have to say that my Giant XTC 29er is the best bike I have ever ridden. Even for how rocky the track was i don’t think i would have wanted a dual suspension. With the big wheels equipped with 2.2 Schwalbe Racing Ralphs and snappy handling with a plush RockShox Sid out front. I had the perfect tool for the job!!

The trip as a whole was more or less an in and out mission for Matt and I so there’s not a lot more to report on except we were both wishing we had some more time to ride some really sweet single track that was everywhere!!! Also, its amazing the amount of people doing things in Canada. I always ask myself “what do these people do up here”. Pretty ignorant I guess but I’ve come to the conclusion that they just live. When all you see is people out walking, riding, fishing, riding dirt bikes and little “PEE WEE” racers decked out with Sram XX parts and hauling down rocky trails makes me think the Canadians know how to live.

Cant wait to get back up there this weekend to toe the line again and see what happens. Stay tuned for part 2!!!

                                         Squirrels and Orange Juice?


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