Is it hot in here…or is it just me?

Mug Shot Black And White

Things are getting hot. Its officially summer now. “oh the heat!!” Feels like not long ago we were complaining about the cold. I barley complain about the weather. We live in the north east. “If ya don’t like the weather now… wait 15 min”… is what it is.

That’s my perspective on that. Enough said…

Races have been going as planned. Learning and turning. I’ve been keeping things on the mellower side in terms of risk-reward while racing as we inch closer to the big one in a few days… National championships!! Just been training like a fool now as the rest of the summer will be back to back to back racing until mid September!! Sing it Willie Nelson

“On the road again –
Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends”

That said I’m trying not to stress to much on the nitty gritty of racing these days. Controlling the controllable and doing the things in my power to be best prepared for National Champs, Enduro World Series and the North American Enduro Tour races that are within DAYS now of competing.

Bike racing is not glamorous at all… well it can be I guess. But for the most part It hurts like hell. It’ll play games with your head. It can be lonely. It will eat you and spit you out like a piece of dried jerky. I only speak the truth here.

So with these rather large races standing at my door step, I take a less intense thought process of just going with the flow and taking things as they come. Something’s are worth stressing about and others are a waste of energy. Some coping skills to help me through “Hot” portion of the race  season.

Process driven not results driven.

So as the min, hours, days and weeks tick by and I speed through the 2014 race season… Bring on the heat… I’m ready

Peace ~ Powell


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