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So crashes suck PERIOD!!! Especially ones that injure you, land you in a hospital getting X-Rays and stitches. For the most part crashes are a regular part of racing and training and we walk away un scathed. But its the bad ones that take the wind out of your sail… I was lucky in a lot of ways. It’s good that my coach and I do a lot of weight room and flexibility training so when your card is pulled from the deck and you hit hard the damage is hopefully minimized. Thanks Matt Miller!

I had a conversation with a fellow rider who experienced these things. He told me in a career of downhill you’ll have crashes. They come as your one year, five year and ten year crashes. They are dependent on what type of injury you accrue. I laughed… Its ridiculous…and true at the same time… in the back of my mind I know this and that’s right where those thoughts will stay. This was a relatively small crash and had me off the bike for over a week and possible longer from proper training. Recovery on my knee is pending day to day. I think my big take away is that you can’t let it get in your head. Shit happens. Racing mountain bikes is inherently dangerous and you have to be willing to push hard and take those risks…and the percentage of crashes that will land you in an ER is relatively small. All things I know.

I find it comforting that the harder you hit the ground the less it hurts… the body is amazing at masking pain…some primitive coping mechanisms goes into effect… we are just animals after all…

so the only thing to do is go faster and send it.

“only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


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