Community Guidelines

Our aim is to make Giant Northeast Forums a helpful, fun and happy place. There are plenty of sites to get your snark on, but this little slice of the internet is meant to be a positive, encouraging spot to share advice, ask questions and lift each other up.

What to Do

Help make this site a lighthearted and supportive place. Be generous with your words of encouragement. Be constructive with your advice. Be respectful when you disagree. Be loose with your LOLs and emoticons. And above all, be kind and compassionate to others. Remember that behind usernames and profile pics, there are real people like you. Posting images to share ideas and get advice is always fun, but please be mindful of copyrights (i.e. if it’s not yours, just link to it instead).

What NOT to Do

Don’t spam the conversation with prepared off-topic content or links. Don’t attack, harass, or otherwise disrespect members of the community and groups/individuals beyond it. Don’t share material that violates copyright or other laws. Don’t post any graphic language, images or links. This site is public and is indexed by search engines, so refrain from sharing anything that you wouldn’t want your mom, your boss, or that sweet old lady down the street to read. Let’s keep things PG. Okay, maybe PG-13.

What to do when someone’s not doing what they’re supposed to do

If you think someone’s not abiding by the spirit of these forums, please flag their comment for a moderator to review. The “flag” button under each comment allows you to indicate if someone is being abusive or spamming the site (accidental flagging can be undone with a second click). Abusive content will be removed and users who repeatedly or severely violate these guidelines may be banned, with or without warning.

What is shared

The views expressed in these discussion forums do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of Giant Northeast Off-Road Team, their partners, or other site moderators. This site and its owners and moderators cannot be held liable for anything you post, including images, therefore each user is held solely responsible for what they share.

If you have questions about these guidelines or would like to privately report a violation of them, please email