ESC Downhill at Attitash Mountain, Charm City Cyclocross, and Month of Mud XC.


Eastern States Cup: New England Downhill Cup. Attitash Mountain, NH.

Brian Scolforo and Collin McBride attended the sixth of eight New England Downhill Cup events. Pro rider Brian continued his podium streak with second place finish while Grassroots rider Collin earned a fifth place finish in his class.

Brian Scolforo takes second place in the Pro Men’s field.

From Brian:

This weekend we attended the eastern states cup race at Attitash Mountain in New Hampshire. A tight and technical mountain, Attitash has an all natural approach to their trail system. They provided us with an amazing track for this weekend. A bone dry weekend made for lots of fun laps with friends. Pinned it down the track for a 2nd place finish. Happy for the young gun Collin to be back in the groove and up on the podium.

Collin making it look easy. (Photo: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur)

From Collin:

This weekend I raced the downhill race at Attitash mountain in New Hampshire. The course was rocky, tight, and super sandy. Was suppose to rain which would’ve made the track terrifying but Mother Nature decided to stay sunny! My race run was good until one of the sandy berms at the bottom caught me and I slid over the berm. Didn’t lose much but seconds are seconds. Happy with my 5th place result and can’t wait for Jiminy Peak next weekend!

As usual, Pinkbike has some excellent coverage of the event (text, photos, and video), including a great photo of Brian flying over some rocks. Check it out!

USAC Pro CX Series: Charm City Cyclocross. Baltimore, MD.

Cyclocross racers in the Mid-Atlantic region had a two-week break between local UCI calendar events with Nittany Cross (PA) on September 6-7 and Charm City CX (MD) September 20-21.

Spectators turn their attention to the start of the Little Belgians’ race.

Charm City Cyclocross is hosted by Twenty20 Cycling Company and their Twenty20 Cycling Team. If you don’t follow cyclocross (or, sadly, don’t pay attention to the world of women’s cycling), you might not know that last fall, Twenty20 Cycling announced that it would be a 2015 title sponsor of Koppenbergcross in Belgium, thus making it the first European cyclocross event to award equal prize money to men and women. If any of this comes as a surprise to you, you should read more about it. A big thanks to Twenty20 for for walking the walk.


Ryan Fawley – glamour shot!

Lester Brown, April Nabholz, and Ryan Fawley represented Giant Northeast over the weekend.

Lester enjoyed the experience of competing at his first UCI Cyclocross event:

The weather forecast was perfect for the weekend and I looked forward to enjoying the race and hanging with some teammates. The course was technical enough that my MTB skills kept me moving up and my fitness seems pretty good right now. However the climbs and the sandpits (4 consecutive pits with 180 degree transitions in grass – now that’s an interval set to work out!) kept the bigger, power riders honest.

Lester speeds through sandpit #3.



Adding to the perennial fun of Charm City events, riders were treated to a mid-lap flyover!

Lester’s starting position both days was near the back of the starting grid, which makes for a challenging race when there are 120 men stacked up in front.

Saturday: I felt fairly good and was able to move up during the first 2 laps. I spent most of the time in the big ring but with three to go, decided to save something for the second day and used little ring to get up the climbs… I was running the stairs and double barriers fairly well. At the end I was pulled with one lap to go, Finished 96 out of 120 or so.


Sunday: One of the lessons I learned from starting in larger fields, BE AGGRESSIVE. I got stuck behind a rider for half lap that held pretty good pace in the straights but much slower in the corners. Eventually I made the pass and chased onto another few groups. On the last lap I approached the sand pits and felt my rear tire slide out after the third pit. D&MN…a rear flat, forcing me to dismount and run through the last pit to try and hold the spots I had gained.

Lester keeping pace with the Cat 2/3/4 Men. (Photo: Kevin Dillard)

Coping with a rear flat, Lester coasted down the last hill and soft-pedaled in to the finish, losing two spots in the process but still finishing higher in the standings than on the previous day. Lester’s Soundtrack for the weekend: Pharrell Williams – Come Get It Babe.

April waits on the grid for the start of Saturday’s Elite race.

April raced both days in the Elite Women’s field:

I was so nervous on Saturday, that I almost walked off the start line. There were about 45 women registered both days. My call-up was pretty far back, but when the whistle blew I saw some gaps open and I decided to seize every opportunity that presented itself. When I passed the pit on the first lap, Andy called out that I was riding in 18th position. I knew I was farther forward in the field than I could maintain, but I put in everything I had and finished very happily in 21st.


On Sunday I had a better call-up and got to start mid-pack. Somehow I nicked some spots off the start and went into the first lap riding in the top ten. I was freaking out because I could actually see the front of the train for the first bit of the race and I knew that my heroine Helen Wyman (British CX National Champ and women’s cycling advocate extraordinaire) was up there. Soon women were powering past me and I came back to real life, felt the pain, and had to sink in my claws to finish in 22nd. I was still completely psyched.”

April opts to shoulder her Brava and run sandpit #4.

The Elite Women’s podium was identical on Saturday and Sunday with Helen Wyman (Kona) taking the win; Mid-Atlantic Region local Arley Kemmerer taking second; and Seattle’s Jessica Cutler taking third.

The same six men made it into the top of the Elite Men’s field both days, though results scrambled from one day to the next. Saturday’s race was particularly exciting with local Cameron Dodge (Pure Energy/Scott Bikes) of PA taking his first UCI CX win; Lukas Winterberg of Switzerland taking second; and Christopher Jones of Bend, Oregon, taking third. Sunday’s race was a top-six shake-up, with Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund/NCC) of Easthampton, MA taking the win; Dan Timmerman of Clay, NY, taking second; and Christopher Jones repeating his third-place finish. Jonathan Page also finished in the top six both days.

Highlights: Watch a fun video of the event. Don’t miss the shots of the kids and the barriers. Thanks to Tim Barnett for putting it together.

Pro Gold knows where to find the party!

April was pretty excited to visit the Liv demo van and to meet Jen, who set her up with some things she needed (and cheered all day long).

Month of Mud: Moraine State Park Cross Country.

Grassroots rider Jamie Yoder took part in the first race of the Month of Mud (MOM) Series in Moraine State Park near Pittsburgh, PA. The MOM Series is based in western Pennsylvania and consists of five off-road races (including XC, CX, Super-D, and Enduro) scheduled from late September through late October. If this variety-pack series hasn’t already piqued your interest, consider the fact that seven (yes, seven) unicyclists competed in the first event! Expect to see some tandems out there, too.

Jamie Yoder pushing hard in the Expert field.

Jamie Yoder raced in the Expert Field. Her report:

Voted one of the top ten most technical mountain bike trails in the world (by, Moraine State Park hosted the first mountain bike race of the Month of Mud (MOM) Series – near Pittsburgh, Pa. The expert race distance was 14 miles of boulder-sized rocks, roots and lung-busting climbs.


The forecast called for scattered showers, which hit the trails about 2 hours before the 10 AM start time. While many racers would shy away from riding in the rain on such a technical course, close to 100 local racers showed up to give it their best. And that they did. Throughout the two hours of carnage that ensued, only 2 racers DNF’d. Yep – Pittsburgh is tough.


The first lap was really sketchy. I clipped two trees and probably went down close to 10 times on those slimy roots and rocks. I just couldn’t keep it upright. My second lap was much better than the first, but it wasn’t enough to pull me ahead of the 4th place spot. But, having just come back from a much needed recovery period, I was really happy with completing such a difficult race and not getting seriously hurt. And I had a blast finally racing in my hometown.

Jamie rollin’ through the lush, PA forests. She’s probably smiling because she sees something gnarly up ahead!

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