Elete Water: Put the clamp on cramps

Wayne never cramped.....ever.

Wayne never cramped…..ever.

When asking ourselves what our most important training tool is, we thought of several great examples:  Our Giant Bicycles frames, SRAM Quarq Power Meters, even our reliable Rock Shox Suspension.  But after more thought, we wouldn’t have success with any of those tools if we couldn’t push ourselves to the maximum.  The tool that allows us to push to the maximum is Elete Electrolyte Replacement.

Elete's convenient dropper makes it easy to get an electrolyte boost anywhere.

Elete’s convenient dropper makes it easy to get an electrolyte boost anywhere.

Elete gives us the easiest and most flexible way to maintain electrolyte balance during a demanding training schedule.  Add it to liquid or food, it provides us with the hydration needed to recover and push the next day.

Perfect with chocolate milk!

Perfect with chocolate milk!

But its not just athletes that are helped by the benefits Elete provides.  All types of people suffering from cramps and electrolyte imbalance can benefit from what Elete has to offer.  Even the kool-aid guy…….

Just imagine how many more walls this guy could bust with an electrolyte boost.

Just imagine how many more walls this guy could bust with an electrolyte boost.

To learn more about Elete, and get your own bottle of liquid concentrated electrolytes of Tablyte pills, visit www.eletewater.com.

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