The Cream Falls to the Bottom: Enzo’s


Preparation is one of the most important ingredients that goes into a successful race.  It’s the days, weeks, and months leading up to the race that matter, leaving little for a rider to do on race day other than focus and execute. But not all of a rider’s preparation occurs prior to race day, some occurs in the hours and …

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Grip it Good

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Riding and racing mountain bikes takes a good mix of mental and physical strength.  A rider that’s strong in the head and strong in the legs often performs well.  A rider’s mental strength can often be summed up in one word:  Confidence! So how does this relate to our grips?  It is confidence.  If a rider doesn’t have confidence in …

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Introducing New Partner: ProGold Lubricants


    The Giant Northeast Off-Road Team is excited to announce a new partnership for 2014 with ProGold Lubricants! We’ll be keeping our bikes in tip-top shape with the help of their lubes and cleaners. Stay tuned for reviews and highlights on all their products, and catch us at the races to try out their lube for yourself.

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TEAM ISSUED: ESI ‘Chunky’ Silicone Grips

By:  Giant Mid-Atlantic White ESI ‘Chunky’ silicone grips on GMA team Anthem X race bike. It’s been a few months now with our new ESI Silicone grips.  Throughout that time, we’ve put them through all sorts of conditions and scenarios, including last weekend’s muddy race at the Cascade Classic.  The entire team received the ‘Chunky’ version, as opposed to the …

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No Tubes, No Problems!

What’s up Home-Diddlies!  How you rolling? This season the Giant Mid-Atlantic Cycling Team will be rolling fast and light with Wheels and accessories from Stan’s No Tubes.  If you haven’t heard of the amazing products offered by Stan’s…well…..we find that hard to believe!  Check them out for yourself on our bikes and over at !

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