Time (Just some off season thoughts)

ESC East Coast Championships 3

Time: “A nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future” ~ Webster Dictionary   What is Time to a racer? I’ve been thinking a lot about this now that its the off season and I have had a bit to reflect on the race season. Racing a discipline depended on the …

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Ground Control

Mountain Creek EMT2

So crashes suck PERIOD!!! Especially ones that injure you, land you in a hospital getting X-Rays and stitches. For the most part crashes are a regular part of racing and training and we walk away un scathed. But its the bad ones that take the wind out of your sail… I was lucky in a lot of ways. It’s good …

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The Intended Trail


The race season is winding down after a long year of learning and racing. After some thought I think I learned a few key things that I’m building on for the end of the year and beyond. Perhaps one of the most important things I have learned this year while racing Enduro, Super-D and Downhill  is that the intended trail to be ridden is …

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Now What?

2014 National Championships 2

So we did it again!! The Team, My Coach (Matt Miller) My Family, Sponsors and I managed another Elite National Title in the Men’s super-D this past weekend. What a relief like a huge one. 12 months of waking up everyday and saying “I want to do it again”. Even though its a short race and people don’t take it as seriously as me. Its still …

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Is it hot in here…or is it just me?

Mug Shot Black And White

Things are getting hot. Its officially summer now. “oh the heat!!” Feels like not long ago we were complaining about the cold. I barley complain about the weather. We live in the north east. “If ya don’t like the weather now… wait 15 min”… is what it is. That’s my perspective on that. Enough said… Races have been going as planned. Learning and turning. …

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