Race Report: Tour de Tykes

By Hebrew Cyclist

The team rolled into Danville this past weekend for the second stop in the Mid-Atlantic Super Series, the Tour de Tykes XC.  With cool weather, sweet singletrack, and about 4500′ of climbing, it was a perfect day for racing a mountain bike!

One of the unique features of this race, as opposed to most of the other XC races we do, is the one-lap format.  This helps keep you focused, since you don’t get the chance to ride the same section of trail over-and-over again, and seriously ups the fun factor.  The Experience and I set off for some course recon with B, getting a good look at the first climb and singletrack sections.  Everything was to our liking as we headed back down to the start area to stay warm and loose.

As the time drew near, all the riders gathered for some pre-race instructions and after some applause for the race promoter and organizer (who did an excellent job!) we were instructed to line up and start the engines.  Getting to the line early, both Matt and I had good start positions and we put our game-face on for the next 2 hours.  START!  We jumped off the line, holding strong positions up the road climb into the singletrack.  The race was all up or down, with little flat to spin and recover.  We both seemed to yo-yo with the riders near us until the end when I was able to gap everyone to ride in solo for 8th and Matt did the same for 13th.  All-in-all a strong early-season performance and luckily an uneventful one given the difficulty of the course.

With all the tough climbs and fast descents, our Geax tires earned their rockstar status yet again, giving us confidence beyond ourselves.  The new custom Oakley Jawbone shades kept things sharp and in perspective, and the Oakley Factory Pilot gloves kept our hands comfortably secured to our ESI grips.  We argued a bit between which bike was ultimately better for the day, my XTC 29er or his Anthem X.  We called it a draw and decided they were both awesome!  And as usual, the Shimano drivetrains provided solid and crisp performance in the roughest of terrain!

Next up for the team is a split weekend.  The XC crew is headed to the Greenbrier Challenge in MD, and the endurance crew (aka Richie Rich) is headed to Tennessee for the NUE series opener Cohutta 100.  We’ll be selling raffle tickets at Greenbrier for your chance to win our Intercourse Care Package, so don’t forget to stop by the tent or look for us at the race!

Happy Oakley Day!

Hmmm…… I wonder what’s in the box…….?

Team Oakley Jawbone Shades and Factory Pilot Gloves arrived today!  Check them out!  It’s a proven scientific fact that the longer you look at these pictures the more jealous you will get.  OK, seriously, stop staring……..

Mutant Strawberries and the attack of the race report!

That’s right.  The secret of the Giant Mid-Atlantic team is mutant siamese strawberries.  But good luck getting your own, suckers!

This past weekend was the first official XC race of the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Super Series; Bike Line XC @ Fair Hill.  Everyone was amped to test their early season fitness, and the day did not disappoint!  With over 700 racers in attendance, it was hard to stay calm and focused on our own race!  With so many there, we made sure to be as visible as possible of course.  Flag me!

After what seemed like a bigillion sport riders took off on the course for their race, Matt and I took off for a warm-up pre-ride of the course.  What we found was what we expected:  A fast, fun course, with a small sprinkling of short punchy climbs to sting the legs and help create separations in the pace-lines during the first lap.  Before we knew it, we finished and were ready to race.

Lining up for the Elite Open, there were much more racers than normal, and a certain Hebrew Cyclist (ahem, ahem) should have been paying more attention.  After we got called forward, there were about 8 rows deep of racers for the start!  Despite the large field and it being the first real race of the season for many, the start was relatively uneventful, but was FAST!  It was a drag race for the first mile or so down fire road before we hit the singletrack.  Passing was at a premium, and drafting was used generously.  The singletrack strung things out, but didn’t slow the pace, and while Matt fought near the front, I was at the back picking off riders, practicing some good-ole fashioned aggressive passing.  After finding some sweet inside lines and passing a good number of riders, my luck started running out and I found myself stuck in position while things started splitting up ahead of me.  At this point, I found myself doing intervals between groups of riders, resting in their draft, then going again.  Meanwhile, Matt was duking it out with some of the young’ns ahead of me.  This was how our respective races played out for the first 2 laps.  On the final lap, my legs finally got the better of me and started fading big time.  Matt held strong for a top-20 and a strong start to the year!  Big shout-out to my wagon wheels, Giant XTC 29er.  Best choice for this course!

Afterwards, we took another spin on the course and then cleaned up for some socializing and story telling with everyone we raced with.  Great race, great weather, couldn’t ask for a better start to the season!

This weekend the team will be at the Tour de Tykes XC race!  Look for us there, and don’t forget to get your Intercourse Care Package Raffle Tickets!

April Newsletter

The April Newsletter is out!  Didn’t get your copy?  E-mail us at giantmidatlantic@gmail.com and ask to get added to the list, or go to our website, www.giantmidatlantic.com, and click on the NEWSLETTER tab at the top of the home page.

This first issue is aimed at introducing the team, our look, and our sponsors.  Future issues will be packed with race reports, product review from our sponsors, and will recap the previous month’s events as well as keep you informed as to where we’ll be in the upcoming month.  Very important information, as you’ll undoubtedly be wanting to find us in order to purchase your Intercourse Care Package RAFFLE TICKETS!!!


Starting this weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Super Series XC race at Fairhill, Giant Mid-Atlantic will be raffling off the first of 4 ‘Intercourse Care Packages’.  These prize packages from Intercourse Brewing Company are killer!!  You can purchase your tickets at the race directly from our team for $5/ticket, no limit to how many you can buy, but you must be 21 years of age or older.  For more info on what you get in the ‘Intercourse Care Package’, be sure to ask one of the team members at the races (just look for the Giant Bicycles tent and flag).  The majority of proceeds from the raffle go to helping to fund our racing season, with a portion to go to a charity of our choice.  We’ll be choosing the charity at the end of the season, at the end of the 4th raffle.

This first raffle starts this weekend and runs until May 31st.  Winners will be announced here, on our website (www.giantmidatlantic.com) and on facebook.  If you don’t get a chance to buy your raffle tickets this weekend, check back here next week where we’ll announce the next race we’ll be selling raffle tickets at.

AND, if you don’t get a chance to enter this first raffle (shame on you!), then we’ll be doing 3 more raffles for June/July, August/September, and a ‘cross season raffle during October/November.  That’s 3 more chances to win!!

Good luck to all you rafflers out there!!  See you at the races!!

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