Baker’s Dozen Race Recap

10Check out Jamie’s account of the fun had in Virginia this past weekend:

“Bakers Dozen is a 13+ hour lap race held in Leesburg, VA, presented by Plum Grove Cyclery & Go Time Racing. This year was my first year racing it, and I registered as a female duo with Sara Chua of Joey’s Bike Shop in Elkins, WV. Overall the course was just amazing. The 8-mile lap was fun and flowy, with minimal climbing and technicality.The dirt was hard and packed. There were a few log piles and a few rocky sections, but there was nothing unrideable.  I remember feeling as if I was almost in a video game, smiling from ear to ear the entire time. I’m still in awe at how awesome my Giant Lust Advanced 2 handles trail. The cornering is so unbelievably fast and responsive, and it is absolutely amazing on the downhills. I feel like a whole new rider on this bike. The biggest challenge was by far racing as a duo. My average laptime was probably 42-43 mins. When I would come in, I had just about that same amount of time to lower my heart rate and cool down before blowing it back up again. It is literally doing 40 min intervals at full max, over and over again for 13 hours. The first 2 minutes of every lap hurt, but after that it was just amazing fun.

Right around lap 5, we realized that we were in second place and sort of bumped up our game. I was pretty determined to get a sub-40 lap time and came really close, but never got it. My best time was 41:30, but I know I could have shaved that minute and a half if I was more aggressive in my passing. There was a huge mix of riders and sometimes you just have to claim a spot longer than you want. Yet another thing to work on…

We came in second place, women’s duo —with Sue Haywood and Libbey Sheldon taking first. Considering that we were out to race this “just for fun in the sun”, I was really happy with those results. I felt absolutely great out on the course, loved the ride, and had no sustaining injuries or issues. AND I got to race with my bike buddies!”

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