Off-Season Report: How to Not Get Sick (according to April and Abbey)


This week, April and Abbey discuss how they keep healthy during the winter. We’ve included lots of hyperlinks! Enjoy. April: During the winter months it can be easy to let our healthy habits lapse, especially when we don’t have the pressure of a racing calendar to keep us focused and motivated. But staying healthy during training season is important, since …

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Race Report: Crossnado at Wawayanda State Park.

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We have a short race report this week — just one GNE racer was racing last weekend! Abbey was at the beach recuping from the Vuelta al Cotopaxi; David was settling into his new digs in Harrisonbug; April was in Asheville with her road bike; and the Nankmans were in Pittsburgh for a conference (exploring MTB trails in their spare …

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Sram Spotlight: Joël Nankman


Meet our grassroots riders, Joël Nankman! Hometown: Paramaribo Suriname Currently Living In: Hellertown, PA Number of Years Racing: Swam competitively for 4 years, Kayaked for 2, and have been racing bikes for 9 years. Race Bike Setup: Anthem Advanced  27.5 with 120mm Rock Shox Sid fork, Sram X0 10 speed gripshifter with a mix of Sram X0 and X9 parts, …

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Time (Just some off season thoughts)

ESC East Coast Championships 3

Time: “A nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future” ~ Webster Dictionary   What is Time to a racer? I’ve been thinking a lot about this now that its the off season and I have had a bit to reflect on the race season. Racing a discipline depended on the …

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